BlockTech’s International Campus Outreach Continues to Grow

December 21, 2018
James Hall


BlockTech’s International Campus Outreach Continues to Grow

BlockTech, the New York-based blockchain technologies company, created Blocktech Lab to foster blockchain-based research and development with colleges and universities, globally. Additionally, Blocktech Lab offers students the ability to collaborate with a real project called Zap which is an open sourced and decentralized platform for data (oracle) curation to add functionality to smart contracts. Led by Peter G. Mikkelsen, director of business development at Blocktech, here’s a recap of some of the work to advance blockchain on campus over the month of November.

The French University in Armenia and AGBU-Paris organized an entrepreneurship module workshop called “Design Thinking: How to Present the Program in a Right Way.” Students were taught methods ranging from initial prototype to pitch. The main objectives for these students centered on defining uses, problem-solving through user-centric design, and pitching a clear value proposition. At the end of the two-day workshop, participants presented their own projects to a panel of judges. One of those judges was Mr. Mikkelsen where he provided feedback to students on their presentations.

On the 26th through 30th of November, the Yerevan State Medical University hosted their annual scientific week for young scientists at the university. The topic on the second day, when Mr. Mikkelsen presented, was “Collaboration as a Key to Scientific Success.” The goal was to acquaint students with skills that will contribute to the acquisition of professional and scientific communications platforms. Additionally, Mr. Mikkelsen outlined blockchain technology to those present and explained how it can be beneficial for medical science. Further talks are taking place with the university that involves designing medical oracles on the Zap platform.

The Yerevan State University (YSU) Alumni and Career Center organized a training session with BlockTech on November 28th called “Blockchain without Borders.” The training session taught students the history of blockchain technology and the creation of cryptocurrencies. Mr. Mikkelsen then advanced the discussion to the present by outlining the Zap oracle platform and how oracles play a crucial role in the next great steps for blockchain technology.