Largest blockchain accelerator in Europe is looking for startups

June 21, 2018


Largest blockchain accelerator in Europe is looking for startups

Chain Accelerator, the largest blockchain accelerator in Europe, recently opened its doors in Paris.

It is based on STATION F, the largest startup campus in the world.

The program would fit startups from all industries: distributed resources, anti-fraud, HR, exchange, equity, fashion, construction, games, CSR, social networks, etc.

Services offered include technical prototyping, business development, recruitment, marketing and public relations, help with fundraising, and accompaniment for ICOs.

Interested startups can apply here.

Among the organization’s chief operators are Hyperloop Transportation Technologies chairman Bibop G. Gresta, former SWIFT CEO Leonard Schrank, and Ledger president Pascal Gauthier.

Chain Accelerator is already working with 13 startups, representing 14 nationalities, 10+ industries.

“We opened 1 month ago, this is only the beginning and yet Chain Accelerator is already 30 international mentors on board Kraken, Coinbase, Hyperloop, Econocom, Orange, Ericson. 14 supported startups who represent about a hundred jobs, 1 important ICO in progress, 4 ICO already realized, about 20 million euros of surveys, 5 recruitment on the events of the accelerator…,” said Nicolas Cantu, co-founder of Chain Accelerator.