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US Marshals to Auction 2,170 BTC

The US Marshals Service (USMS) has announced it will auction off nearly $25 million value of Bitcoin in under two weeks.

On Monday, the bureau issued a announcement showing it’s going to maintain a sealed bid auction to eliminate 2,170 BTC — worth $23.6 million at the current Bitcoin exchange rate — seized in connection with many different civil, criminal, and administrative cases.

Especially, the voucher will include funds seized from Shaun Bridges, a former Secret Service agent who engaged in the analysis into dark net marketplace Silk Road and was detained for a number of corrupt acts, such as stealing 20,000 BTC from Silk Road operator Ross Ulbricht.

To participate in the auction buyers should submit a lien registration form and wire a deposit to the USMS by next week.

Interestingly, the statement does not show whether coins airdropped after Bitcoin forks — that the most valuable of which can be Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold — have been promised from the seized wallets or if buyers are going to have the chance to maintain the airdropped funds. Currently, the combined value of the airdropped BCH and BTG connected with these coins is $2.8 million.

The USMS has held several Bitcoin auctions over time, the most famous of which involved funds captured from Ulbricht in relation to the Silk Road investigation. Earlier this season, the agency sold off 3,813 BTC, worth roughly $50 million at the time of this auction.

Just last week, CCN reported the Department of Justice had asked a judge to permit them to confiscate over 500 BTC from people charged with forging and dispersing government identification records. It is probable that these funds will be included in a future auction, if the court grants the request of the agency.

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