Bespoke Artificial Intelligence
Achieved Through Great Data & Fine Tuning

Language Model

We utilize cutting edge language models to achieve the best possible result for your custom model


We offer fine tuning on the cutting edge GPT-4 models to preserve your legacy long term

Samples In Our Fine Tunes

We conduct extensive interviews with clients to gather the best data for our fine tuned models.

Performance Improvement

Over a human CEO in corporate technical and financial roles.

our mission

We create Hyper-Realistic Artificially Intelligent Avatars

We use the best possible data to create an accurate model of our clients, then we pay to store them indefinitely in the safest location on earth.

CryptOS will be the first Linux distro driven entirely by an LLM that likens to exactly how its user behaves, information will be collected about how they communicate and input text then used to re-train and fine-tune a locally stored LLM while the machine is idle.

To accomplish this task, CryptOS will offer local training for increased data privacy as well as a distributed training model that trains on other machines running the OS - compute power contributors will be rewarded.


Model Processing Quality


More Accurate


Our Plan Deliver Bespoke AI

We have a plethora of useful features and quality improvements slated for our product.

Q2 2023 GPT-4 Integration

We are upgrading our existing fine-tunes from GPT-3 to GPT-4 which allows for additional reasoning and capabilities.

Q4 2023 Linux Distro Will Release

Our Linux Distro and token rewards token will go live

Q1 2024 CryptOS Mainnet

Decentralized Training for token rewards will go live

Q3 2024 Enterprise SDK

SDK will go live for corporate developers looking to implement CryptOS Enterprise


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions we often hear about our products.

Bespoke AI refers to AI that is quintessentially you through the capture of data that can create an accurate representation of your personality. Similar to how Steve Jobs worked with esteemed biographer Walter Isaacson to get information about his life for his biography, CryptOS captures local information about your personality to create an accurate, private, encrypted representation of you through fine tuning an LLM using local GPU compute during idle cycles.

Users will have the option to use decicated local compute their machine provides offline to train their NetMortal avatar without participating in the decentralized network for token rewards. Users of the decentralized network will have their data anonymized and encrypted between nodes that training is occuring on.

We saw an extreme centralization problem with Large Language Models that were kept behind APIs - so we decided to allow the collective public to contribute to an LLM that represents the public's interests and sentiment and can not be turned off abruptly by any centralized authority.

Contact us to learn more about the future availability of the token and our Linux Distribution

The purpose is democratic training and iterative research in a public domain. As opposed to closed doors and promises from behind a brick wall.

We Are The Cutting Edge in Bespoke AI Models
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