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Are Your Kidneys Healthy? Four Questions For Surviving FUD and Crypto Crashes

September 7, 2018


Are Your Kidneys Healthy? Four Questions For Surviving FUD and Crypto Crashes

The crypto markets have been getting major manipulated this year.

Manipulated, meaning asset prices for the protocols (I refuse to call these protocols anything but what they are — calling them “cryptocurrencies” describes merely one of their uses) have been driven way down in a 2018 perspective.

It’s a good time to ask some questions — and towards the end I’ll explain what to do because it’s a good time to buy.

1. Who is behind all the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Dread)?

No way to know for sure, but think who’s got a motive and opportunity. That would be powerful institutional players. Call that the “dark market.” These are the big boys, and they didn’t get rich by paying full price for things. They got rich by smashing markets and buying stuff at sharp discounts. Or even by stealing.

“Uhhhh, hey Vinny, looka here, this crypto uhhh just fell off da truck, you know.”

2. Why are we hearing and seeing reports about “the death of crypto”?

This one is easy. Because journalists gotta eat, they are evaluated based on clicks, and stories like the “death of [fill in the blank]” are easy clickbait for anxiety-riddled traders and investors.

Note the categories of people I use. Traders and investors. Not crypto industry developers or early adopters. The latter groups won’t sell, they’ve seen crashes before and they have the discipline to wait until assets are basically being sold for “clearance” prices. Because they’ve been involved in crypto long enough to remember the crashes. Of 2012. Of 2013. Of 2014. Of 2016, and 2017, and now.

3. Do you believe in the technology?

We’ve all seen the stories mocking the “s—coins” which seemingly have no purpose, no code, no nothing, but sold XXXXX coins for one gazillion ethers. (By the way, those ICO promoters are likely the ones dumping their ether now, simply because they are exiting the industry, taking the money and running. Welcome that; there will be a recovery when new adopters push up demand far beyond any selling supply.)

The blockchain is increasingly accepted as a new innovation. There are even a few patents on blockchain technology.

The technological and economic base for blockchain and the different protocol assets have never been stronger. That suggests that asset prices are either at a discount from “true value,” or at worst, are coming in line with “true value” now.

As long as you didn’t buy at the peak, what’s the problem?

A while back, you would have given body parts up to buy at these discounted prices. Now’s your chance!

That’s why your most important question is…

4. What Body Organ Do You Sell Off To Buy Crypto?

Remember, only sell something that you’ve got more than one of.

There will be more thoughts soon.