Bitcoin Cash Now Available to Wallet Users in the UK and Europe

April 21, 2019
Saad Mohammad


Bitcoin Cash Now Available to Wallet Users in the UK and Europe users in the UK and Europe have started purchasing Bitcoin Cash (BCH) directly from their wallets beginning April 15, 2019. This new feature is expected to boost economic freedom for people all over the globe.

BCH purchase now available for UK and Europe wallet users has revealed that its users in Europe and the UK have the option of buying Bitcoin Cash directly for their wallets. The move was made with the intention of spreading economic freedom for people in those regions, allowing them to access the cryptocurrency easily.

While the wallet is designed to serve as a secure app for sending, receiving, and storing digital currencies, the latest features have made it easier for newcomers and industry experts to use.

The new version of the app enables users to switch between BCH and BTC with the help of the Sideshift feature. The upgrade has also seen them allow users to in the UK and EU countries the option to buy BCH from their wallets.

This latest development was achieved due to their partnership with Moonpay, which was integrated into their platform. While discussing this newest development, Roger Ver, the CEO of stated that BCH is a universal cryptocurrency and it has the potential to end the high fees charged by banks, their delays, and frauds involved with fiat currencies. He added that it is now an idea at the moment; it has grown to be a usable digital currency that is used to make purchases both in stores and online.

The new service will see UK and European wallet users purchase BCH quickly using their credit or debit cards. It would enable people to buy as low as €150 worth of the cryptocurrency without having to provide identity. However, for those looking to purchase BCH worth to €5,000 daily, and up to €20,000 monthly, verification will be needed. Roger Ver explained that these type of services would make it easier for cryptocurrencies to become accessible to people.

He stated that “We ( strive to bring economic freedom to everyone, everywhere, and we want to make it easy for everyone to buy bitcoin cash. With our latest wallet feature, it’s never been simpler.” BCH purchases reduce risk for users

Since the wallet is noncustodial, it offers users a more secure solution for purchasing cryptocurrencies. This is because there will be no need to deposit funds with crypto exchanges. Once purchases are made within the wallet, the coins are sent from the official seller to the noncustodial client of the user. This is a considerable upgrade compared leaving cryptocurrencies with exchanges for a certain period, added.

The development team at added that it is working on introducing the buy option in more countries across the globe. Over the past few years, cryptocurrency exchanges have experienced cyber-attacks, and this has caused investors and traders to lose billions of dollars.

Roger Ver, while commenting on this fact, pointed out that the recent cases of QuadrigaCX served as a big eye-opener for most investors. “Buying from an exchange means using their custodial wallet and, even if it’s just temporarily while you purchase the coins, the cryptocurrency is still not as secure as it could be,” he stated. However, purchasing coins from wallet enables users to circumvent exchanges altogether and to allow people to keep their cryptocurrencies with them from the moment they buy it, he concluded.

The introduction of this feature to users in the UK and Europe will make it easier for them to purchase BCH. is making plans to launch the service in other countries, and this would be great for the crypto space.