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Columbia University and IBM to launch a new center for blockchain research

July 18, 2018


Columbia University and IBM to launch a new center for blockchain research

Columbia University and IBM are launching a new Center devoted to research, education, and innovation in blockchain technology and data transparency.

The Columbia-IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency will combine cross-disciplinary teams from the academic, scientific, business and government communities to explore key issues related to the policy, trust, sharing and consumption of digital data when using blockchain and other privacy-preserving technologies.

In addition, an innovation accelerator will be launched which will “incubate business ideas from entrepreneurial students, faculty and members of the startup community”.

“IBM is helping clients around the world apply blockchain to address a wide range of business processes such as global supply chain, trade finance, cross-border payments, food safety and others. Columbia University has deep and broad expertise in research and education in trustworthy computing, data transparency and data privacy. This joint collaboration aims to further accelerate the creation of needed skills, talent and innovation in this area to help support many industries as the two organizations work together to source new ideas and capabilities,” the official announcement reads.

Arvind Krishna, senior vice president of Hybrid Cloud and director of IBM Research said:

“Our work with clients has shown that blockchain can benefit industries and with that comes a responsibility to deploy it in ways that will foster greater trust and transparency in data…With Columbia, we are able to bring together leading thinkers on applying blockchain and data best practices based on extensive research and business experience and together prepare a new generation of technologists and business leaders.”

According to Columbia University Provost John H. Coatsworth, the new Center solidifies New York City as a hub for technical innovation.

“Our students and faculty, working together with IBM, will play an important role in the vibrant exchange of ideas and research surrounding this transformative technology.”

The Center will be supported by a special committee consisting of Columbia faculty and academic leaders and IBM Research scientists and business leaders. A formal call for proposals for curriculum development, business initiatives and research programs is scheduled for later this year.

Let us remind that Columbia is not the only university to establish a blockchain research center. As reported in June, Center for Blockchain Research was opened in Stanford University by a group of computer scientists. Among the center’s plans are running an extensive education and outreach program, including MOOCs, workshops and conferences for the general blockchain community.