French University of Armenia Hosts First Blockchain Lab Event

November 20, 2018


French University of Armenia Hosts First Blockchain Lab Event

Blocktech, the New York-based blockchain technologies company, and the French University of Armenia (UFAR) have completed their first academic Blockchain Lab event.

On November 06 of this year, the two parties announced a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a blockchain research hub at UFAR and to collaborate on technical projects through Blockchain Lab, an international educational initiative created by Blocktech.    

The Blockchain Lab at UFAR will conduct interdisciplinary crypto-economic research concerning the implications of blockchain technology. The departments of Finance and Law, as well as the newly formed Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics, collaborated in order to research topics relating to decentralized application architectures, including smart contract development, bonding curves, token-curated registries, oracle and curation services on the Zap platform, and crypto-economic design patterns.   

The first event centered around the question: “Is blockchain ‘just’ a piece of the puzzle for disruptive transformation or a new era of monetary innovation?” The classroom of students, with diverse backgrounds such as in finance, management, law, and marketing, congregated to address this question.

Dr. Kristina Sargsyan, professor of Science Informatics, and Peter Gelardi Mikkelsen, Director of Business Development at Blocktech, both directed and engaged the students as they worked synergistically through this introduction to distributed ledger technology.

“The blockchain is a uniquely secure way of conducting business transactions online, with impenetrable ownership records,” said Dr. Sargsyan. “The blockchain is the technology that allows transferring of digitized ownership in a decentralized manner, that’s even without requiring excess paperwork and approvals of centralized authorities like the Central Bank of Armenia. Smart Contracts used to secure agreements online, whether they’re regarding online purchases, employment, or even housing. For example, companies have started using AI integration blockchain based real estate services to enable investors to take ownership of real estate assets using the application.”

The professor added, “The blockchain is a team sport comprised of Data Engineers & Data Scientists, Business Stakeholders, and Academics & Students from Universities. French University in Armenia starts to implement the integrated solutions approach to bridge Problem statement in Entrepreneurship with Data science.”

Addressing the students of the university, Mr. Mikkelsen provided this informative and uniting message:

“The statue of liberty is a symbol of freedom and decentralization, the symbol of NY where our company began. A gift from the French, to celebrate those values, but what no one talks about is that the copper for the monument was mined in Armenia! You, students, have the ability to help us solve the hardest problems in our industry, decentralization runs in your blood. We can’t wait to work with any student who wants to make a dent in the technology”

After students got acquainted it was clear that they were set to study and apply their knowledge towards advancing blockchain technologies. They were eager to not only join the UFAR Blockchain Lab but have also begun organizing a hackathon for the beginning of December.

The next UFAR Blockchain Lab event will be held on November 25th. We look forward to keeping up with these ambitious students and see where their studies lead them.