Future Fintech’s new courses will provide better understanding of blockchain

September 18, 2018


Future Fintech’s new courses will provide better understanding of blockchain

As blockchain is getting more and more involved in everyday life, the need to educate people on the new technology grows increasingly. Nowadays many educational institutions start offering short-term courses, as well as Masters and PhD programs specialized on blockchain technology.

Private companies are also increasing their involvement in blockchain educating initiatives.

One of the latest examples comes from financial technology company Future FinTech Group, which has announced that thanks to cooperation with Nova Realm City (“NRC”), it is launching Blockchain education courses. According to the agreement, Future FinTech will use NRC Institution’s brand name to provide the courses, which have been viewed over 1.5 mln times online.

Future Fintech, which is involved in blockchain-based digital asset systems research and development, will offer courses aimed at helping individuals and organizations to gain deeper knowledge and better understanding of blockchain.

According to the company announcement, the on-site courses are expected to be launched by the end of October.

“Each class has a max capacity of 30 people, which is expected to generate $72,780. Afterwards, the on-site courses are to be launched every quarter and are expected to generate $300,000 in revenue”, the company announced.

Top-tier scholars, business leaders, investors, lawyers and technology talent from blockchain industry will be forming the instructor team. There are different levels of classes based on the applicant demands – beginner, advanced, elite and market-oriented classes.

According to Yongke Xue, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Future FinTech, the pool of audience trained through NRC Institution could provide more talent for the blockchain industry.

“The established media functions of this institution provide us the opportunities to promote Chain World Cyberspace of Chain Future and projects in our blockchain incubator such as DCON. In the meantime, by leveraging the influence of our instructor team and followers group and NRC’s platform, we can create a communication platform for members of Chain World Cyberspace and NRC community. This, in turn, brings more activities to both communities and better promotes the applications of the blockchain projects”.

Yongke Xue added that his company expects to start making profit for such activity and “create an industry reputation for these courses”.