ICOs to Watch This Week: Monday, November 19

November 20, 2018
Saad Mohammad


ICOs to Watch This Week: Monday, November 19

ICOs to watch this week – Monday, November 19

Regardless of public sentiment and price fluctuations in the crypto market, blockchain and cryptocurrencies have the potential to redesign the way the world works. Here are a few projects whose ICOs are coming to a close over the coming days, each one of which is unique, highly ambitious, and is trying to make that change a reality.

  1. Smart Valor (VALOR): The Smart Valor platform is the world’s first marketplace for tokenized alternative investments. Its mission is to give investors from around the world easy, secure, and compliant access to the best breed of alternative investments and digital assets. Beyond cryptocurrencies, alternative investments such as venture capital, private equity, and real estate can also be tokenized using Valor. It creates better liquidity and accessibility through issuance and transfer on the blockchain, and it has the potential to democratize access to wealth and investments in an exclusive $7 trillion USD segment. The first assets to be tokenized on this blockchain will be venture capital funds, real estate, young tech companies, and fiat currencies.

The Smart Valor token sale ends November 26.

  1. Discoperi (DISC): Discoperi is an automotive startup that is working on minimizing the number of road accidents. The system has developed a powerful IoT device called the ‘Eye’ that combines big data analysis, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and a decentralized network of connected vehicles (DNCV). The device can be easily installed on the windshield of any vehicle to identify and transfer data about road situations, cars characteristics, and driving behavior. This data can then be used to predict and prevent accidents and can be shared across the community.

The Discoperi token sale ends November 27.

  1. CryptoCurve (CURV): The CryptoCurve project is the first ICO that will launch on the WanChain platform. Curve`s goal is to build a platform that offers an all-in-one solution for crypto investing. The platform will offer many features, including a portfolio, wallet, exchange, ICO investing, and much more. It is made up of the Curve SKD, the Curve Wallet, and Curve Labs, all of which run the Curve blockchain app and crypto ecosystems.

The CryptoCurve token sale ends November 30 and it has an overall ICO rating of 4.5.

  1. Blockpass (PASS): Blockpass is an identity portal for regulated industries and the Internet of Everything. Blockpass aism to be a user-centric and self-sovereign identity application for regulated services and the Internet of Things. It offers a next-generation, effective identity creation and storage protocol built with self-sovereignty in mind. Blockpass online identity data belongs to, and is entirely controlled by, the user. The Blockpass app does not retain any user data, nor is any raw user data stored on any blockchain or third party server. Blockpass digital identities have a high degree of utility, with users gaining access to a growing ecosystem of Web 3.0 service providers that have chosen to accept Blockpass identities for KYC purposes. For businesses, Blockpass can be seen as a shared KYC platform, where a pool of pre-verified users is shared between businesses, thus reducing the cost and time of onboarding new customers.

Blockpass digital identities are underpinned by their reusability. Once user credentials have been verified and signed, they may be reused with any number of services. When a user joins a new regulated service, if their Blockpass identity application is configured, they can prove their identity extremely quickly. In this way, Blockpass offers an identity solution that is easy to combine with other decentralized technologies or processes.

The Blockpass token sale ends November 30.

  1. Echarge (ECHG): This is an alternative system for easy and cost-efficient re-charging of electric cars and other battery-powered vehicles. is designed to be globally disseminated through the installation of eCharge stations at hotels, offices, shopping malls, parking lots, and other customer-friendly locations.

Numerous projects in the green and renewable energy spaces have successfully launched ICOs and are running viable businesses, and Echarge hopes to do similar work in the B2B and B2C industries on a larger, global scale.

The Echarge token sale ends November 30.