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Japanese Ad Giant Dentsu to Authenticate Original Content On-Chain

May 1, 2020
Ross Peili


Japanese Ad Giant Dentsu to Authenticate Original Content On-Chain

Dentsu Inc, one of the world’s largest advertising giants drives the edge of the content creation business once again, alongside Kadosawa ASCII Research Laboratories this time.  

Japan is not a newcomer when it comes to blockchain. As a matter of fact, Tokyo is one of the few cities that compensates its workers directly with Bitcoin, and it seems that the blockchain adoption doesn’t end at the micropayments’ border. 

An innovative way to capitalize on content creation is being proposed by Dentsu and Kadosawa, who claim to have developed a blockchain service able to track, record, and compensate content creators even if they don’t use original content.

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Dentsu Proposes To Track and Authenticate Original Content On-Chain 

The proposal? Hobby content creators or fans can rank among their favorite content creators, while the original creators will get a cut of whatever secondary markets accumulate as a form of automatic copyright insurance.

More specifically, not only ‘second-hand’ creators could get compensated for their contributions, but the original content creator is compensated as well, as the content in question leads back to the initial hash registered and timestamp on-chain by the original issuer.

This enables an automatic copyright assessment protocol that could be applied to every-single contribution out there, and without humane interference. At the same time, original content creators can be sure that whenever their art is being used, they get a piece of the pie, with either economic or promotional benefits. 

“There has been an active movement to manage copyrights for cartoons and videos using blockchain. Various business models are being sought by taking advantage of the property that information such as rights registration and license contracts can be recorded without modification.¬†Attempts to find ways to return profits from the secondary creation and second-hand markets are likely to lead to the activation of the content market.”¬† – says Natsuko Segawa in his post at Nikkei Asian Review, that picks up the subject.¬†

According to what we know so far, the protocol utilizes a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) consensus mechanism in order to reward secondary market content creators for their efforts in expanding the reach of local anime and manga creators. 

Indeed, one of the major issues with the current content creation business model is that creators often get demonetized due to lack of interoperability between the platform hosting the content, the original creator, and eventually the ‘second-hand’ creator who basically boosts the original’s influence.

Blockchain and Japan: A Combination We Should’ve Expected

Dentsu and Kadosawa plan on changing that by introducing a network that will support such a standalone scenario and thanks to blockchain technology. 

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“We want to incorporate the activities of fans that have not been converted into monetary value into the legitimate content market” – says Junishi Suzuki, one of the heads of blockchain at Dentsu. 

Junichi Suzuki, one of the leading heads in the blockchain trial at Dentsu said, “We want to incorporate the activities of fans that have not been converted into monetary value into the legitimate content market”.

It seems like the Japanese are tackling with edge technology while trying to find new innovative ways to implement it into monetary-incentive legal practices such as the concept tailored for the content creation market. 

Although Japan is left quite behind its continental rivals China, and S. Korea when it comes to blockchain utility, this program, as well as other innovative blockchain-focused applications, is funded directly by the Japanese Government who seeks ways to expand its stake in the internet of the future.