Monday Pick 6: ICOs to watch this week

October 1, 2018
Saad Mohammad


Monday Pick 6: ICOs to watch this week

Have a few crypto savings that you are looking to invest? If you’re ready to do some additional digging to find the project that is just right for you, here are a few noteworthy ICOs closing this week that might be of interest.

  1. Muxe (MUXE): Muxe allows its users to list properties for rent, sale, or purchase, and also provides contract services, the ability to schedule movers, to purchasing home improvement equipment, and more, such as getting rental income from your extra space, get inspired with great interior design tips, and source the best local maintenance contractors. Muxe even allows you to find what you need in a home or rental using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality apps.

The Muxe token sale ends on October 5.

  1. IAGON (IAG): IAGON helps users harness the storage capacities and processing power of multiple smart devices using blockchain. Its major aim is to revolutionize the cloud and web services market by offering a decentralized grid of storage and processing. By joining the unused storage capacity in servers and personal computers and their processing power, IAGON will create a super computer and super datacenter that will compete with leading cloud computing businesses.

The IAGON token sale ends on October 5.

  1. Gledos (GLX): This is of personal interest to me, since it involves harnessing the power of blockchain to improve global education. GLEDOS, or Global Education Solution, aims to provide an answer to the rising demand for tailor-made and relevant on-demand education in the modern age. An all-inclusive platform that delivers customized education pathways using advanced AI algorithms, along with useful learning tools and services, GLEDOS allows education to be tailored to the needs of actual users.

The Gledos token sale ends on October 6.

  1. LegalBlock (XLK): Legal Block is a new paradigm for preventing and resolving disputes Founded by lawyers, patent lawyers, and developers who have relevant experience in these fields, Legal Block will process transactions and contracts based on reliable records, and will offer a transparent and  auditable solution to preventing and resolving disputes that is powered by blockchain. Legal Block also provides a legal risk management solution that can help individuals, businesses, lawyers, and other experts within the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystems maximize profits based on pre-set risk and reward profiles.

The Legal Block token sale ends on October 9.

  1. Woolf (WOOLF): Woolf will be the first fully-accredited, borderless, blockchain-powered university. Woolf University will use blockchain technology to enforce regulatory compliance, eliminate or automate bureaucratic university processes, and manage the custodianship of sensitive financial and personal data. Woolf has appeared in news outlets globally in ten languages, including Forbes, Nasdaq, The Times, CoinTelegraph, and Bitcoinnews. This is one to keep an eye on!

The Woolf token sale ends on October 10.

  1. Yumerium (YUM): Yumerium is the play-to-earn gaming platform powered by the blockchain. It provides tickets or tokens for performance in online games, which can then be redeemed for actual prizes. Another component of the system is the release of limited edition copies, bridging the gap between the collectibility of old-school cartridges and the digital realm. The blockchain will be used to authenticate copies, helping to ensure that certain versions of games have a limited release. These copies have extra features and in-game items and can be resold to a second-hand market.

The Yumerium token sale ends on October 10.

Disclaimer: The author advised on the Yumerium token sale, but does not own or have investments in any of these ICOs. Furthermore, this is not investment advice and is only meant to be used for FYI purposes.