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Satowallet CEO Claims They Were Hacked by Hosting Company

September 27, 2019
Dominic Mann


Satowallet CEO Claims They Were Hacked by Hosting Company

What is Satowallet?

Satowallet is a mobile wallet and exchange that supports over sixty altcoins. The app allows for zero-fee transactions between other wallets on the Satowallet app, provides auto coin swaps, and much more.

The Hack

According to Satowallet CEO, Samuel Ben, users of the app have not been able to access their funds since August 2019. This information comes directly from an official report posted by Satowallet where Ben describes the issue as a third-party data hack:

“The current situation with satowallet is a third party issue which affects us directly. The third party here is OVh data center company where we host all of our decorated servers, and made it know to them that we are a crypto company using their service to host the nodes of our wallets.”

Ben stated that they had no previous problems with OVh and used their services for years:

“All was fine with them for years until August when all the server including web, app, Wallet, suddenly went offline. We reach out to them and they said server was stuck and they were resolving for hours, to days, then we had to setup new servers to put website and app back up with our backup, but they was Wallet nodes backup was empty after restoring. When we keep on pressing on them, they finally came out and said server was gone for abuse which they cannot explain.”

After receiving word of the platform going down, Ben claims that he immediately tried to contact OVh:

“In August, i woke up to several messages from from users about platform not accessible, and when i and my Developer team checked we saw that all our 8 servers (wallets nodes, app, web) were down. Immediately we contacted Data center where we hold our dedicated servers for a total $6500 Monthly for 2 years now and reached out to one of their team on skype.”

After a week of no help, Ben managed to get the platform back online with backups but didn’t have all the recent database transactions that occurred before the server went offline, therefore causing users to complain and panic.

The Future for Satowallet

After this traumatic experience, the team intends to get back online and restore as much funds as they can to their userbase. Satowallet stated that:

“We are starting up the system as we have gotten support from several project team who are offering to restore back to us the coins so Trading can begin again. We hope for the best.”

In an official blog post by Samuel Ben, he also claimed that:

“Shronghands Team has reached out to us after reading this publication and offered to provide replacement for every of their users coins so we can kick start the exchange. We have also gotten the support of 60% of our top users with highest balance who are ready to kick start the platform back with us.We appreciate everyone who has placed their trust in us in this trying time, we also hope to get more supports like this from other project teams and we will kick start Satowallet while also going after OVH who have refused to reply.”