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Summary of the Zap.Org Project October 2018 Update

October 18, 2018


Summary of the Zap.Org Project October 2018 Update

Zap Monthly Updates is building a platform where people can easily build oracles and use them in smart contracts, as well as allow speculators to bond Zap tokens to oracles that they believe will provide valuable data. The Zap team send monthly updates on the progress of development. The following is a summary of the October monthly update.

Zap October Update Summary

  • is one of the many websites Zap is working on, and this one specifically gives us an overview of the popular oracles created with the bonding curve toolkit. It is now live on the Kovan test network.
  • Zapjs, Nodejs packages for interacting with Zap’s smart contracts, was updated to work with the latest Web3.js update.
  • The Zap team revealed the concept of initial oracle offerings (IOO). In an article titled From Smart Contracts to the Initial Oracle Offering: How We Got Here, the Zap team described initial oracle offerings as “a format for data providers to prove to their subscribers that their data is the feed worth subscribing to over the others providing the same or similar data”. The team also showed a video that described how the bonding curves worked here.
  • Similar to, is being worked on by the Zap team and is now on the Kovan test network. MyOracleWallet is used to browse different oracles on the Zap platform, as well as bond and unbond from them.
  • Most excitingly, Zap’s Android Mobile app is said to have entered the final testing stage! The application can do a variety of things such as send and receive Ethereum and Zap, create and edit smart contracts, and compile, deploy, and interact with smart contracts from your device!