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The Best and Worst Crypto Communities In 2020

March 13, 2020
Ross Peili


The Best and Worst Crypto Communities In 2020

Public cryptocurrencies are subject to a standalone mature market that has its ups and downs generated by its own wave of reasons, and although private entities, non-profits, and open-source teams have their say as to what’s next when it comes to a DLT-powered crypto project, a big portion of what’s happening with each respective coin is attributed to their social crypto communities at a big extent.

In this article, we’ll try to lay down some of the most intriguing and controversial crypto communities out there, whether they are relatively healthy or toxic and see how their behavior affects their crypto of choice.

Note that this research is based on personal experience with relevant social groups on platforms such as Facebook, Discord, and Twitter. 

To-The-Moon Crypto Communities

Whether you’re new in the scene or a crypto veteran, you must have definitely bumped into a ‘to-the-moon’ guy who is 100% sure his token of choice is going…well…to the moon! – without any additional documentation or mathematical reasoning behind his statements.

To-the-moon crypto communities are split between trolls and two-digit IQ passive-aggressive supporters. Trolls regardless of their token of choice have the same stance with any crypto they invest in, and will not be really upset if their investment fails, as they keep doing this with every new coin in their portfolio, essentially expecting that one of them will get them to the moon. 

On the other hand, we have those who I refer to as ‘idiots’, and trust me that’s a compliment if you never dealt with one. This group of to-the-moon people is usually obsessed with one cryptocurrency, which is the only token of investment for them, and most of the time their so-called investments range between a couple dollars to a hundred dollars USD. Yup. 

So, who is who? I know you’re here for some real examples and not my opinion, so here you go:

Tron (TRX)

One of the largest to-the-moon crypto communities out there would be undeniably that of Chinese cryptocurrency Tron, run by Justin Sun. 

Now, before you get upset, I don’t actually think that Tron’s social community is idiotic, but they are more of a troll community in this case. As a matter of fact, Justin Sun himself publically calls Tron a ‘shitcoin’, and whether he’s trolling or he’s drunk, that’s your homework.

I think that Tron had a much much worse community when it started, considering it was simply a bad Ethereum rip-off code-wise, but as time passed and the Sun made several billion dollars worth of crypto, he actually managed to upscale the network, create his own chain, mainnet, deploy dapps, smart-contracts and everything a legit crypto project would have, so props to that. 

Of course, the troll to the moon Millenials of Tron are not deluded, and when they say ‘to the moon’ they realistically expect to get some short term profits from pumps that already happened in the past. Like they expect Tron (TRX) to reach something between $0,10 and $0,20 to feel compensated and they don’t have false dreams of holding millions of tokens of crypto that might reach pricing at Bitcoin’s range. 

Overall, I’d rate Tron’s social community with 3/5 due to the fact that they are young, amateur, and are focused on short-term profit. 

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Ripple (XRP)

On the other side of the ring, you have a real narrow community that has all the opposite characteristics of the above. 

Ripple’s to-the-moon community is personally one of the worst and most toxic crypto communities around, both when it comes to accomodating newcomers as well as having a solid communication incentive with old members based on XRP’s development. 

On the contrary, Ripple’s social community is full of middle-age investors who barely can use their email, yet they have convinced themselves that they are pro-crypto traders and they regularly discuss among each other the possibility of XRP reaching $100,000 apiece. The worst part about this is that they are serious, and no messing about it. And if you try to convince them otherwise you better prepare to hear some nasty comments. 

As a matter of fact, I am writing this article because one of these self-proclaimed investors send me a message on Facebook, asking me if I support the idea that XRP could surpass Bitcoin in price – not in market cap, which I found so ridiculous that instead of answering, I started writing this piece.

Besides that, their legal practices are also pathetic, if you analogize that even Tron’s trolls managed to get Sun with Warren Buffet, an accredited macro investor who might not be a crypto enthusiast, yet his economic principles and opinion really matters and can flip things around. In XRP’s case, the company showcased partnerships and used ambassadors such as ex-president Clinton, and Madonna…yes. 

I mean, what could they possibly offer to XRP besides to-the-moon promises? Can Clinton or Maddona code and I am not aware of it? Do they even understand how blockchain technology really works? I highly doubt so, yet the Ripple community is more than assured that these “partnerships” will skyrocket the price of XRP to new industry standards.

To sum up, when you lack basic math skills in order to calculate possible inflations based on total token supply, circulating supply and the current rate of adoption, you should stay out of the investing circle altogether. If XRP ever reaches 100,000k apiece Bitcoin would be probably bartering over a Quadrillion per unit.

Personally, I’d rate Ripple’s social community with 1/5 because I feel embarrassed to put a solid 0. 


Changing labels, and leaving to-the-moon people in their fantasies, we’ll be digging in some tech-oriented communities that most of the time have a good understanding of Distributed Ledger Systems, and a big portion of these communities are also directly contributing to the project’s development. 

Of course, similar to the previous category, there are tech savvies who are down to earth, and those who are stuck in a possible future, having 0 communication with the present. 

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IOTA is probably one of the most unique and innovative DLT projects in the public crypto scene. They have a well-thought plan on what’s yet to come, that orbits around the adoption of the IoT industry that pretty much bases its success on the adoption of smart and autonomous machinery. 

IOTA’s social community is a healthy community when it comes to internal communication and they are pretty friendly to newcomers. However, if you don’t understand the tech on the level they do, you’d probably get smashed with tomatoes, and the will be defensively aggressive towards any comment about the project. 

The problem with being so deep into a specific tech realm is that IOTA communities forgot what is really happening outside their cult-like circles. 

A non-crypto example would be:

IOTA community figured out that teleportation is the most efficient way of travel. Before achieving it, they convinced themselves that IOTA is the only project that can do it, and think of using cars as pathetic, using planes outdated and not sustainable etc.

So, they are not completely wrong. If anything they are completely right, the problem is that we don’t have teleportation yet. And no matter how outdated and problematic older systems might look, they actually work. 

Overall I believe IOTA’s community is noble and very well educated, yet if you’re not an IOTA supporter, you will have a hard time explaining some of their mistaken beliefs. I’d give the IOTA community a 3/5 due to the cult-like essence. 

Ethereum (ETH)

Probably my favorite crypto community in the scene, Ethereum’s social folks are down-to-earth, happy to help, more than just motivated to try new things and keen on altering outdated believes as soon as a new, more efficient protocol is introduced to the project. 

Ethereum’s tech-savvies tho differ a lot from IOTA’s tech gurus. While Ethereum’s social community has a good understanding of blockchain technology and its use-cases, they are not so obsessed with it, and they will use anything Ethereum has to offer, from dapps, DeFi, and NFTs, to ENS, CryptoKitties, and Ethereum based VR realms as consumers without always understanding how and why it works. 

Now, on one hand that’s good for Ethereum’s adoption, but on the other hand Ethereum’s social community is a bunch of consumers and not real supporters. As a matter of fact, if any other blockchain offers what Ethereum does and more, they’d probably ditch Ether for the new crypto in no time. I should know that, because I am one of them.

I use Ethereum because it’s practical for the time being, and obviously fs something with more possibilities comes along, I won’t be stuck with Ethereum forever as observed by IOTA followers who are denying trying anything alternative after committing so much time and accumulating technical knowledge with IOTA. 

I’d rank Ethereum’s social community with 4/5 due to the lack of loyalty. Nevertheless, Ethereum’s community is a jack of all trades and it feels like a Facebook group instead of a cult.

Also, Ethereum has the only community that is fine when people post random stuff about random coins in their channels, while most other communities, including all the pre-mentioned, will get upset and try to delete your Bitcoin post calling upon ‘irrelevancy’.

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Maximalist Crypto Communities

After what you’ve read so far, many of you might think that IOTA belongs to this section, but due to the fact that IOTA maximalists are not obsessed with the price or even IOTA itself but with the concept and the tech behind IOTA, I thought they deserve to be out of this list. 

Maximalist Crypto Communities would be those that are stubborn enough to buy Bitcoin at $20,000 after a +300% rally in a matter of weeks. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

I mean, I like Bitcoin, I really do, and although it’s not the best project when it comes to functionality, features, tx fees, speed and all that, it has a magic to it, hard to find in post-Bitcoin projects. 

Some of you might think that TRX or XRP supporters are also maximalists, yet, the thing with Bitcoin maximalists is that most of them hold only Bitcoin than any other community. What do I mean by that is that even XRP maximalists hold some BTC or ETH, while BTC maximalists do not necessarily hold XRP or any other crypto. 

Bitcoin’s maximalist starts from its early days, and considering the fact it’s the oldest project in the market, it should be only natural.  

The problem with Bitcoin maximalists is that they don’t know when to stop. Sometimes they remind me of the Rick and Morty scene where the two protagonists are entering a double-monologue about their adventures forever and ever. 

Take for example John McAffee who publically said that he will eat his d*ck on live television if Bitcoin didn’t reach $1m apiece. I mean, dude…we’re all excited but calm your cock a bit. 

Or what about these serious accredited academic investors who wear a dozen diplomas on their shoulders, yet they fail to pull out the right call in the most crucial moments, such as selling at ATH.  

In general Bitcoins social communities are pretty much alike Ethereum’s communities, meaning that they are quite diversified, and you can find all sorts of characters within. I’d rank Bitcoin communities with a 4/5 for the reason that they are open-minded, they understand Bitcoin’s flaws, yet they are supporting the project in a blind yet romantic fashion. 

Honorable Mentions

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) 3/5

Although the BCH social community is very well educated and grounded, similar to IOTA, they act in a cult-like fashion, and they are not keen on newcomers, especially those against BCH. They are relatively silent and they love insider trading, pump, and dumps and even if they try to promote that BCH is the real Bitcoin, they all hold BTC. 

Cardano (ADA) 2/5

Cardano is a well-thought project, that hovers around scientific communities. Unfortunately, most ADA investors are lured by the scientific terminology and have zero clues about how blockchain works and how investing in the crypto scene actually works. I’ll give them a point for their commitment, and their lack of to-the-moon incentives. 

Maker (MKR) 3/5

One of the most intelligent communities out there, both with a solid understanding of blockchain and crypto-economics, the Maker DAO community is a clan of elitists who are communicating in a silent fashion for their own purposes. Reminds me a bit of the BCH community with fewer fancy ties, and more programming capabilities.

What is your crypto community look like? What do you like the most about it, and what bothers you and you’d be happy to change it? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below or feel free to hit me on Twitter.