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The First Belarusian Cryptocurrency Exchange Opens Office in New York

November 8, 2018
James Hall


The First Belarusian Cryptocurrency Exchange Opens Office in New York

The first Belarusian cryptocurrency exchange, CREXBY, has now opened an office in New York. The exchange is the first publicly implemented project to come from the Belarusian Presidential Decree “On the Development of the Digital Economy,” entered into force on March 28, 2018.

“CREXBY is a revolving door for Belarus to the outside world, and for the global community to Belarus; a multifunctional platform on which, in addition to exchange, it is possible to implement unique projects – from fundraising for orphanages to attracting large investments in Belarusian business,” said the creators of the exchange in a press release.

The CREXBY exchange currently lists 13 cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, and monero, and is set to offer more digital assets. The platform claims “low or zero fees, high transaction speed, 5-level security system and 24/7 customer support.” Additionally, they state that 90% of assets are stored “in cold multi-signature wallets and continuous reconciliation of each customer’s balance sheets increases reliability and eliminates unauthorized access.”

The exchange describes itself as a “modular platform that allows to add any number of banking processing centers, electronic payment systems, fiat currencies, and crypto assets in a matter of days.” CREXBY, as well, can be “integrated with referral systems, ICO platforms, own crypto-coins, and verity of smart contracts.”

Founded by Belarusian immigrants in 2017 and officially incorporated in January 2018, the exchange has now launched a New York office at 30 Wall Street. The CREXBY exchange is not available to residents of New York.