Value Ignored As Crypto Crash Invites Smart Money Buys

November 23, 2018


Value Ignored As Crypto Crash Invites Smart Money Buys

Value investors and growth investors look at the recent crash of crypto assets with a glass-half-full perspective: the industry’s “market cap” is merely returning to its level of September 2017 (14 months ago) — and is still double the level of May-July 2017.

Crypto holders can look back and say: You weren’t poor then. And unless you bought at the (most recent) height of the market, you aren’t poor now. You might not be as liquid as you like, and you may feel poorer because crypto assets are generally down 80-99 percent from their all time highs. Just think of it as being fiat-poor. Perspective — a historical perspective — helps. (All figures in United States fiat.)


now: $4,330

7/16/17: $1,990

5/27/17: $1,856

12/6/16: $758


now: $122

7/16/17: $133

5/27/17:  $120

12/6/16: $6


now: $32

7/16/17: $36

5/27/17: $20

12/6/16: $3.50


now: $0.19

7/16/17: $0.014

5/27/17: $0.025

12/6/16: $0.0015


now: $99

7/16/17: $120

5/27/17: $90

12/6/16: $8.50

Readers: you got into crypto because you believed in the technology. (Yes, a few of you are speculators. How are your Lambo lease payments going, eh?) There are fundamental reasons to take a long-term, technology-focused, value-oriented view which shows growth.

More adoption. Institutional interest. Government interest. Recognition of the value of smart contracts and decentralized consensus through a blockchain. And the “smart money” is buying at a sharp discount. Or simply the prices they missed out on in 2017