Your Weekly Crypto Roundup – October 26th

October 26, 2018
Saad Mohammad


Your Weekly Crypto Roundup – October 26th

Here is your weekly round-up of the biggest and most interesting news pieces from the last seven days.


Bitcoin’s price was about $6,550 a week ago. It bottomed out at about $6,450 before hitting $6,470 at the time of this writing.

Most of the big alts have traded within range, with no real notable breakouts for any particular large-cap coin over the last seven days. However, with Bitcoin now 10 years old, it may be in (or nearing) something of a stable plateau in terms of prices and market renown — a fact reflected in Bitcoin’s trading within range for several weeks now. Whether or not these things translate into profits, higher adoption, entry by institutional investors into the crypto space, or green-lighting of crypto payments and projects by governments and other oversight and regulatory bodies is yet to be seen.

Gainers and Losers

Here are some of the biggest gainers and losers of last week:

  • PumaPay (PMA) develops an advanced billing infrastructure for merchants, allowing them to design flexible payment scenarios over the blockchain. It appreciated over 330% over the last week
  • Happycoin (HPC) is a peer-to-peer coin that manages transactions and issues money collectively by the network. Happycoin appreciated over 325% over the last week.
  • Quant (QNT), is trying to build a system that will help organizations and people put trust back in everything they do. Quant appreciated by almost 160% over the course of the last week.
  • Ubex (UBEX) was the week’s biggest loser, losing almost 65% of its value of the last seven days.  The highly hyped coin works in the decentralized online advertising space.

Hacks and Attacks

What’s a week in crypto without a little dark-side activity to write about?

  • According to this report, North Korea allegedly backed two scam crypto projects. The two projects, which issued coins called “Interstellar” (not to be confused with XLM, the Stellar coin) and “Marine Chain Coin” made headlines after complaints of fraud surfaced on the project websites.
  • An Australian woman has been arrested for allegedly stealing 100,000 units of Ripple (XRP) back in January. The case is currently under investigation.
  • According to this report, over $3 million in crypto was stolen from players of the highly popular Call of Duty series. Apparently, a ring of cyber thieves threatened other players with the likes of being swatted (a serious prank in which perpetrators have a SWAT team storm the house of a target by giving a malicious yet fictitious “tip” to the SWAT team about illicit activities at the target’s address) if they didn’t cough up a crypto ransom. Authorities in San Francisco are expected to take the lead on this case.


There is still good news, though.

  • Visa has hinted that it may adopt digital assets in the future. Although they said that adoption may not happen directly in the “short to medium-term in any way,” Visa statements indicated that, if successful, crypto assets would likely be integrated with Visa. Mastercard has also been working in the blockchain and crypto spaces and has presented a number of patents in which blockchain technology and other digital assets are mentioned.
  • A Chinese court in Shenzhen has permitted cryptocurrency transactions! Citing this document (which can be translated into English), a claim has been made that establishes the legality of owning and conducting transactions in bitcoin. Legal experts overseeing the case have argued that digital assets should NOT be invalidated when it comes to inter-party payments, and it seems the court listened. This is a big win for crypto, especially so for the Chinese market!

ICO Mania

Last but not least, here is a review of a few ICOs that are set to close over the coming days. While we review promising ICOs every Monday in our “Monday Pick-Six” series, have a look at these projects over the weekend to see if they satisfy your risk/reward appetite.

  • Pigzbe (WLO): Pigzbe is a piggy-wallet for children, powered by Wollo, a family-friendly cryptocurrency. Pigzbe uses the blockchain to make money transfers within families borderless, safe, and instant. By unlocking the potential of globalized families as micro-financing networks, Pigzbe teaches children about money in the 21st century.

Pigzbe’s token sale ends October 31.

  • Qiibee (QBX): Qiibee is revolutionizing the loyalty industry by bringing loyalty programs to the blockchain and helping brands and retailers reduce inefficiencies, while offering customers real-life value in exchange for their points – a market worth half a trillion dollars, according to Reuters & Affinity Capital Exchange. The

Qiibee token sale ends October 31.

  • Energy Premier (EPC): Energy Premier is a blockchain and cloud-based electricity retail bidding platform that aims to provide energy suppliers with direct and fair access to the energy retail market utilizing blockchain, while providing better prices to consumers. It is similar to SunContract, a successful energy trading platform that is already up and running in Europe.

Energy Premier’s token sale ends October 31.